My name is SamanthaJane, But since I like you, you can call me Sam.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I use this space to document my fitness journey in all it's many shapes and forms

On the 9th October 2011 I was the first person in my family to run a marathon. and the following year I ran my second marathon

Since then I lost my love affair with running and I'm trying to find my place in the world of fitblrs and weightloss.

I'll write about other stuff too, because my life isn't just about running and losing weight, I'm much, much more than that. I'm a photographer and filmmaker. I'm a daughter, sister and girlfriend living far away from those who I love. I'm a Tasmanian living in Mackay trying to make a life for myself.

So take your time, look around.My world is yours to share.

HW: 82kgs

SW: 79kgs (December 2010)

CW: 73.0kgs (January 2014)

Salad in a jar day 5!!!!

It’s seriously just as good as day one, if not better!!
Everything is still crunchy and has had time to marinade in the dressing!
The only thing I would do different is be a bit more careful about the order I’m putting things in, the chicken would have been really nice sitting in the dressing for a couple days! But other than that it’s amazing!!

I can’t wait to try out new flavor combinations!

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